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President Toni Preckwinkle continues to combat violence in Cook County communities. A University of Chicago Crime Lab report showed that violent crime arrests dropped 51% among at-risk youth who participated in the One Summer Plus 2012 anti-violence program. Click below to join the discussion.


Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle has worked to reduce the violence in cook county communities since taking office. She has established a Violence Prevention Advisory Committee, awarded $2 million in grants to community-based anti-violence programs, is working with Cook County Sheriffs to curb illegal gun possession , banned assault weapons and toughened penalties, and has collaborated with Mayor Rahm Emanuel to start One Summer Chicago.

One Summer Chicago is a joint effort between the City and County that provides Chicago’s youth with summer job opportunities and activities designed to enhance personal development and learning in a safe environment. According to an August 8, 2013 study by the University of Chicago’s crime lab, the program reduced the violent crime arrest rates by 51% among the at-risk youth involved.

Click here to read the U of Chicago Crime Lab report.

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I saw the PBS video, "Fixing Juvi Justice". The video describes how the application of restorative justice principles decreased recidivism. Of significant interest, Dr. Lauren Abramson describes how her team adapts the Maori model within the Balitimore Juvenile Justice system.
I encourage you to view this video, contact the researchers in Baltimore and implement these principles/program in Chicago.

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Catherine Okoroh about 6 years ago

As a cook county resident who has noticed suspicious behavior on several occasions, I recommend a "report suspicious behavior" or (rsb) mobile app for residents?.... Growing up in Chicago, I recall that the "block clubs" and the "neighborhood watch" communities were the safest to live in. I think a mobile security app can be developed to modernize these groups. A resident can report suspicions activities via text and take pictures photos that they can immediately send to a "suspicion lab"...... People see things all the time and now "cameras" are everywhere. If there were incentives offered for photos or alerts that lead to the prevention of crimes or to arrests, then credits to a cell phone bill or perhaps a year of free service could be offered as a reward. I believe this app. can also create a "contest" and interest in technology for our city, buy offering a scholarship to a student who creates a mobile app that can be used to "fight neighborhood" crimes... It could be advertised at schools throughout the county area. It could prevent crime, help solve crimes and encourage an interest in technology.

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