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High levels of detention cause great financial costs to the County, about $143 an inmate per day, and greater social costs to communities. The Cook County Jail is generally a temporary holding facility as most defendants await trial there, and most of those convicted at trial remain there until transferred to a state prison. The jail is very expensive for the County to run, and a lower jail population means lower costs. Lowering the jail population also reduces overcrowding, resulting in fewer violent incidents, greater safety for inmates and jail employees, and lower costs for medical treatment. The keys to lowering the jail population are getting defendants to trial faster and the court ordering nonviolent offenders to await trial in the electronic monitoring, day reporting, and other diversion programs.

     Start job programs for the poeple to have something to do. when a mind and body is idle  there is a problem. when I was younger there were programs for minors to go and work. which keeps you busy and off the streets. it also set the mind up to work,and not set around getting in trouble because you have nothing to do and no where to go. give people a goal a reason to care a reason to work.  create new programs and new technologies,. also have trade programs with other states that offer jobs or training. teach them to farm , make windmills, clean streets, bulid,fix, and or repair down state and in the city. you have to sometime start at the root to make things better in the long run. the dentention center is a good place to set up programs for some of the kids to learn a trade,instead of just letting them sit around and view tv or socialize with other minds that are no good or are to far gone that there is not hope. it is said that you are what you eat everyday and if you eat no thoughts no dreams no goals and learn no skills what are you going to do. learn a new one in the streets drugs, robbery, killing.. em does not work it just reduces the numbers f or a day a week or two then the minor is back here with new charges. some of the reason the kids are here cause they like it here they have a meal and a safe place. so they some do things to just get back here for a little while. send kids on a work program in a new area or state. so they can get a new view of the world.