Currently, the Cook County Gov't only looks at M/WBE and sometimes VBE businesses. The program should be expanded to all under Protected Act.

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Anna Pappas, President 10 months ago

We can reduce citizen wait times across major departments within Cook County with a Virtual Queuing System. This will allow citizens to get in line via virtual Que at any location of any department, as well as schedule appointments. The sophisticated Management Information Reports our system provides will enable every department and the County to track and measure wait times, staff efficiency, volumes (daily, weekly, monthly). Citizens can also self serve into services via Kiosks and Mobile Apps. Imagine reducing wait times by 50%...imagine reduced wait times at the ER at Stroger Hospital and other facilities.

We are City of Chicago and Cook County WBE Certified.

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If you are going to stick a tax on a private used vehicle purchase, you ought to charge the tax upon vehicle registration, rather than surprise the buyer with a hefty tax bill four months later. If you can't get the state (DMV) to facilitate this, then you should not have enacted the tax without this minimal consideration for Cook County residents.

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One of the biggest issues in our nation today is increased crime within our schools. Children have become prisoners and potential victims in an environment which is supposed to be safe for their time away from home.
Students have become targets - and sometimes predators, i.e., bullies and gunmen - on many different levels. One way to combat this negative evolvement and some of the results from this is to train students in the ways of self-improvement. By whatever theoretical manner, children learn from their environment.
If they have not been trained in their home environment - they must be trained in their educational environment in order to ensure their knowledge of self-awareness and that they know and come to the realization that their goal in life is to become a productive member of our global society. Children are not born omniscient or omnipotent - they need and crave guidance. It is the duty and obligation of the adult members of society to provide them with this knowledge or suffer the consequences of living in a society where we are getting older and more vulnerable to our young people who are inexperienced in the ways of self-motivation, self-empowerment, and common decency.

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Collaborate with the community to put together work that needs to be done, and companies hiring. Court order the non compliant father to work to support his children and relieve the mother of all the responsibility. Invest in the community to a fathers program that support and promotes men "Man up as fathers". Our children need this desperately.

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The County Care program should be expanded for all residents of Cook County; no income restrictions. This will help employers hire workers to expand the local economy because of the no or lost cost of purchasing health insurance for workers. More business will move to Cook County and hire just from this one simple act and health insurance will follow citizens as long as they live and work in the county. More productive and educated residents will stay in the county and more will move from counties like Dupage and Will looking for home ownership because of health care.

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This is actually my son's idea but I believe it is a great idea, he said that the Forensic Institute is a fantastic building to install solar panels on.

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Keith x about 2 years ago

Recently new mechanical contracts were issued to eight different vendors around Cook county for the maintenance of county vehicles.  Some of these shops are not even equipped properly to do service work.  Im unsure how these contracts are awarded and if the county researches these vendors before awarding them hefty contracts.  When the new contracts were awarded my department was told we could no longer use our previous vendors including our tire, oil change, and body shops.  The contracts that were awarded were for mechanical work only.  Thus leaving my department without a proper tire, oil change and body work facility.  We were told we could work with whatever shops we wanted but could only spend $5000.00 at each facility.  The prices that we are paying now under these new contracts are close to double what we paid with our previous vendors.  For example a set of four new tires at my old vendor cost about $575.00.  The vendor we now have is charging us close to $1000 for the same tires and once his $5000.00 allotment is gone we will have to find another tire vendor.  Another example was our oil change vendors.  On average we paid between 24.95 & 33.00 for full service oil changes meaning if any fluids needed topping off it was included in the price.  With these vendors my drivers were usually back out on the street working within 15-20 minutes.  With the new vendors we are being charged close to $50.00 for an oil change that does not include fluid top offs.  Using these vendors my drivers are sometimes not back on the street doing their work for between 1-2 hours.  To me this is not only detrimental to all county departments when many of these departments are now understaffed and overworked due to "cutbacks because of budget issues" but the county is losing more money by having to pay drivers to sit and wait when they could be out doing their work.  I do not see how doing business this way is smart or cost effective when the county is facing so many financial problems.  Now that these new contracts are the same for all county departments I feel that this is just digging a deeper hole financially for the county.

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Right now it is free, why not charge $25 per class? And make all misdemeanor marijuana possession charges petty offenses, with a minimum fine of $500! So much money is wasted in court on these cases.

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Audrey Henderson, Founder and Owner, Knowledge Empowerment over 2 years ago

Establish a clearinghouse of vacant and abandoned properties in the area along with the following information:

1) Legal status of the property (eg disputed foreclosure, absentee owner, etc)

2) Available resources in close proximity (to gauge or stimulate potential real estate development interest)

3) Habitability status (move-in ready or needs work?)

4) Zoning Status (especially for commercial properties to determine possible mixed use)

5) TIF and other special funding availability

The aim of the initiative would be to match available commercial and residential structures with individuals and households seeking affordable housing. The initiative would provide wrap-around social services for individuals and households moving into properties along with harnessing government, private and NGO resources for the sustainable rehabilitation of properties that needed repairs.

It just so happpens that I am working on just such an initiative, called Legally Occupy and I could use the support of the Cook County Board and others interested in promoting affordable housing in the area to help get the initiative up and running. 

I am especially seeking support that would allow me to devote full-time effort for the next 30 to 60 days to further build out the Hidden Value in Abandoned Buildings (HViAB) platform that I am developing with Dan Fehrenbach of CNT Energy.  A rudimentary version of the HViAB platform focused on the Bronzeville area of Chicago won a runner-up prize in the 2012 Urban Sustainability Hackathon sponored by the Center for Neighborhood Technology in October.

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