Bob Steves 2 months ago

If you are having any kind of dispute then you can ask for the Facebook Refund. Here are the steps which are required to be followed to get the refund from the Facebook: Step 1- You have to access the application that is the main source of the charge. For that select, the application from the application section that is provided by Facebook or you can search for the application from the search feild. Step 2- Now you have to select the “Report/Contact this App” link which is on the sidebar of the window. In that, you will find various reporting options. Step 3- From those options, you have to select the option of “ I am having an Issue with payment in (App name)” option and then click on the submit button. Step 4- Now you have to select the “Gifts, Games, Donations, and Newsfeed Purchases” option which are displayed on the list of purchases you have made in the application. -Now you have to describe the reason behind the problem you are facing and why you want the refund. It can be anything like you bought it accidentally, or you choose the wrong option, etc. By doing this you will be able to talk directly to the developer of the purchased item. From them, you go for the negotiation for the Facebook refund. -Once you do that you will be receiving the refund as soon as possible. But by any chance, if you are not able to get the refund then you can contact the Facebook refund customer services. They can definitely help you out with this kind of situation. The reason behind it is that they have experience in these kinds of situations and have multiple customers for a very long time.

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