To change your password when you already know it.

Enter in your PayPal Account and go to the settings option. In the settings option, you will find a Security tab above your PayPal username Find “password” and click on the update button next to it.Change PayPal Password

You will have to input your current password before you can change it. So, type in your current password in the blank provided. Enter your new password, and then confirm it by typing it again in the “confirm new password” section. Click on Save and you are done. Bonus tip. Change your security questions.

How to change your security questions at PayPal? Again go to the settings of PayPal profile.Change PayPal Password Above your username, find the Security tab and click on it. You will see that there is an option for “security questions”, click on “update” written under it. You can change your questions from here. Either update the answers or change the questions as well, as you would like. Click on “save” and you are all done.

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