Verizon email is a renowned name in the industry that is known to provide the email service to the users. You can avail of its service everywhere, be it a web browser, the email client application or anything. It is easy for the users to receive and send emails, but still, any find it difficult to receive the emails. This hampers their work and decreases productivity. So, they keep on finding solutions to this problem. Well, you can have a look at some troubleshooting steps mentioned below.

Troubleshooting steps that can help:

Troubleshooting should be done for all the problems as there are chances for the resolution to the problem. If the users want to troubleshoot Verizon not receiving an email problem, then you can take these steps.

• Internet connection issues:

The users should take care that there are no internet connection issues while receiving emails in the Verizon account. Sometimes, the poor connection is the root cause of this problem as it stops us to get mails in our account. So, you should check whether your internet connection is working fine or not.

• Has the inbox of email reached the capacity?

There is a limit to send and receive emails. So, you should clean your inbox and don’t allow it to be overfilled. Ensure that your inbox has enough space to get more emails in it. You should create space after time to time to avoid the problem.

• Are you facing the email deletion automatically?

This situation is not so common but it happens. Sometimes the users set up an email filter or auto-deletion of the email. This will block certain email addresses and will not deliver the emails from them. So, you are required to check the incoming server settings to fix the problem.

These above-mentioned methods will resolve the issue of Verizon not receiving emails. You can also call on the toll-free number to get assistance from them. They will let you know the steps to follow.

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