For the Columbus Avenue Bridge - replace the crumbling and dangerous sidewalks with decking, donated and maintained by a lumber company. NO COST TO CITY. There are wood patches there already, so I think excellent decking material would work well.

There is a long delay when trying to get a permit for replacement of current plumbing/electrical fixtures. Automate this part of the process because it is cumbersome and inefficient. Simple permits shouldn't take months to get. And dealing with your rude staff that doesn't want to tell you why thing are taking long doesn't help. This is not rocket science. Streamline the process.

Now homeowners allowed prepay only First Installment for next year. This is money saving program for home owners who pay off their property. Full year prepayment allowed Itemize more awry second year.

Minority owned turnkey patented accounting change saves up to 55% of the counties cost for employee healthcare premiums with no net cost to employees, no direct cost to the county, changes none of your healthcare plans or policies, and can be implemented at any time of your plan year. This would lead to a net revenue increase for the county of up to $161 million annually or $5 billion to $10 billion over the next three decades. No up front costs to patent holder only a legal review by your own tax law or accounting firm. The due-diligence material needed for a legal review is not publically available, and can only be disclosed by the patent holder to clients who sign a non-compete, and agree to have the due-diligence material delivered to their qualified tax law or accounting firm for review with consultation with the patent holder. Two employees would be needed to spend a couple of hours a month to download cost data to the patent holder to stay compliant with IRS rules and regulations after enactment.

The County Board has seen fit not to even consider reversing the ban on Metal Detecting on Forest Preserve property. There are many Metal Detecting Associations throughout the State. There are many Forest Preserve Districts that allow these organization members to Metal Detect by special permits. The members not only cause no damage to land, but remove and properly discard any trash. Why does the Cook County Board consider the issuance of these association members yearly permits for a nominal fee. Besides the revenue, this would be a plus to keep trash under control. Members abide by strict guidelines, one of them being any area dug will be returned to its original state with no damage or sign of any activity

Currently, the Cook County Gov't only looks at M/WBE and sometimes VBE businesses. The program should be expanded to all under Protected Act.

Anna Pappas, President over 4 years ago

We can reduce citizen wait times across major departments within Cook County with a Virtual Queuing System. This will allow citizens to get in line via virtual Que at any location of any department, as well as schedule appointments. The sophisticated Management Information Reports our system provides will enable every department and the County to track and measure wait times, staff efficiency, volumes (daily, weekly, monthly). Citizens can also self serve into services via Kiosks and Mobile Apps. Imagine reducing wait times by 50%...imagine reduced wait times at the ER at Stroger Hospital and other facilities.

We are City of Chicago and Cook County WBE Certified.

If you are going to stick a tax on a private used vehicle purchase, you ought to charge the tax upon vehicle registration, rather than surprise the buyer with a hefty tax bill four months later. If you can't get the state (DMV) to facilitate this, then you should not have enacted the tax without this minimal consideration for Cook County residents.


One of the biggest issues in our nation today is increased crime within our schools. Children have become prisoners and potential victims in an environment which is supposed to be safe for their time away from home.
Students have become targets - and sometimes predators, i.e., bullies and gunmen - on many different levels. One way to combat this negative evolvement and some of the results from this is to train students in the ways of self-improvement. By whatever theoretical manner, children learn from their environment.
If they have not been trained in their home environment - they must be trained in their educational environment in order to ensure their knowledge of self-awareness and that they know and come to the realization that their goal in life is to become a productive member of our global society. Children are not born omniscient or omnipotent - they need and crave guidance. It is the duty and obligation of the adult members of society to provide them with this knowledge or suffer the consequences of living in a society where we are getting older and more vulnerable to our young people who are inexperienced in the ways of self-motivation, self-empowerment, and common decency.

Collaborate with the community to put together work that needs to be done, and companies hiring. Court order the non compliant father to work to support his children and relieve the mother of all the responsibility. Invest in the community to a fathers program that support and promotes men "Man up as fathers". Our children need this desperately.