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As with most remodelers I had a general idea of how my schedule should progress. The issues that separate remodeling from new home construction are the variables. When it came to scheduling I could not be as stringent as a new home builder. For the most part new construction is without hidden obstacles like those dealt with in remodeling. This is one of the reasons why those of us at The SimpleBuild insist on offering schedules and templates that accommodate both new home builders and remodelers.

There is a long delay when trying to get a permit for replacement of current plumbing/electrical fixtures. Automate this part of the process because it is cumbersome and inefficient. Simple permits shouldn't take months to get. And dealing with your rude staff that doesn't want to tell you why thing are taking long doesn't help. This is not rocket science. Streamline the process.

Collaborate with the community to put together work that needs to be done, and companies hiring. Court order the non compliant father to work to support his children and relieve the mother of all the responsibility. Invest in the community to a fathers program that support and promotes men "Man up as fathers". Our children need this desperately.

Right now it is free, why not charge $25 per class? And make all misdemeanor marijuana possession charges petty offenses, with a minimum fine of $500! So much money is wasted in court on these cases.

Audrey Henderson, Founder and Owner, Knowledge Empowerment about 6 years ago

Establish a clearinghouse of vacant and abandoned properties in the area along with the following information:

1) Legal status of the property (eg disputed foreclosure, absentee owner, etc)

2) Available resources in close proximity (to gauge or stimulate potential real estate development interest)

3) Habitability status (move-in ready or needs work?)

4) Zoning Status (especially for commercial properties to determine possible mixed use)

5) TIF and other special funding availability

The aim of the initiative would be to match available commercial and residential structures with individuals and households seeking affordable housing. The initiative would provide wrap-around social services for individuals and households moving into properties along with harnessing government, private and NGO resources for the sustainable rehabilitation of properties that needed repairs.

It just so happpens that I am working on just such an initiative, called Legally Occupy and I could use the support of the Cook County Board and others interested in promoting affordable housing in the area to help get the initiative up and running. 

I am especially seeking support that would allow me to devote full-time effort for the next 30 to 60 days to further build out the Hidden Value in Abandoned Buildings (HViAB) platform that I am developing with Dan Fehrenbach of CNT Energy.  A rudimentary version of the HViAB platform focused on the Bronzeville area of Chicago won a runner-up prize in the 2012 Urban Sustainability Hackathon sponored by the Center for Neighborhood Technology in October.