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For the Columbus Avenue Bridge - replace the crumbling and dangerous sidewalks with decking, donated and maintained by a lumber company. NO COST TO CITY. There are wood patches there already, so I think excellent decking material would work well.


One of the biggest issues in our nation today is increased crime within our schools. Children have become prisoners and potential victims in an environment which is supposed to be safe for their time away from home.
Students have become targets - and sometimes predators, i.e., bullies and gunmen - on many different levels. One way to combat this negative evolvement and some of the results from this is to train students in the ways of self-improvement. By whatever theoretical manner, children learn from their environment.
If they have not been trained in their home environment - they must be trained in their educational environment in order to ensure their knowledge of self-awareness and that they know and come to the realization that their goal in life is to become a productive member of our global society. Children are not born omniscient or omnipotent - they need and crave guidance. It is the duty and obligation of the adult members of society to provide them with this knowledge or suffer the consequences of living in a society where we are getting older and more vulnerable to our young people who are inexperienced in the ways of self-motivation, self-empowerment, and common decency.

Chicago's murder rate is out of control despite all of the city and state regulations to reduce access to guns.

"It is very important to us to tax guns because we know that guns are the sources of the incredible violence we have in our neighborhoods," Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle told a news conference.

I always thought the sources of incredible violence were incredibly violent people. Its a tough sell, especially in Chicago. This is going to fall on deaf ears, but if I were a violent person I would A) Like a guarantee from the City of Chicago that the person I'm about to rob is unarmed. and B) Not care what gun laws were on the books anyway.

How many murders will there be before the city actually does something other than hold "Anti-violence rallies"?